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Personal Training

Personal Training

1 hour Session:

Member Price: $35

Personal Training Packages

(6) 1 hr. Sessions – $180

(8) 1 hr. Sessions – $240

(12) 1 hr. Sessions -$360


Our Trainers

Stella Haige

Stella began her fitness career when she was only 19. She began as an aerobics instructor. Since then she has devoted her life to fitness.

Now, 42 years later, she has earned many more wellness certifications. Her certifications include “International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association” Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist and Yoga Coach. As a senior specialist she is able to work with people going through rehab from having a stroke to joint replacement surgery. Working as a yoga coach helps her to safely incorporate  stretching techniques into the training sessions for all age groups.

As a personal trainer Stella loves helping  people rise to the challenge of meeting their personal needs and goals. Putting people in touch with their wellness and fitness is her passion. Seeing her clients improve in their self-confidence, body composition, posture, strength and endurance is just a few of the reasons Stella loves to be a personal trainer.

Jasmine Thomas

Jasmine is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and has received a Bachelor’s of  Science Degree in Health Science from the  University of Central Florida (UCF). Having always been athletic, participating in volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, dance, and track, Jasmine has a natural passion for sports, exercise and fitness. She also possesses experience and knowledge in weight-loss  programs, weight-training programs, and  circuit-based programs.

Jasmine’s ultimate goal as a personal trainer is to help people reach their full fitness potential. She understands what it means to be “fit” and properly guides her clients into reaching their fitness and exercise goals. Jasmine is rewarded by seeing her clients improve their body composition, stability, flexibility, endurance, strength, coordination, posture, and overall confidence in the gym and during everyday life. No two clients are the same, therefore, no two training methods used by Jasmine are the same.




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