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Come in enjoy our outdoor heated pool year round. The temperature of the pool will stay at a comfortable 82 degrees all year. If the air temperature is lower than 55 degrees, the pool will be closed.

Pool Hours:
Fall (Sept-Nov 15): 7-9a, 11a-1p, 3:30p-7p

Winter (Nov 15-March): 11a-1p, 4-7p

Spring (April, May): 7-9a, 11a-1p, 3:30p-7p

Summer (June-August): 7a-7p

Community Swim Times:
Tuesday & Thursday: 11AM-1PM; 4PM-7PM
Saturday: 10AM-4PM
Sunday: 12PM-4PM

During community swim times and days, Lake Wales residents can come in to use the pool for free. All adults need to do is provide proof of residency.

Aquatic Programs:


Pool Rules
      1. Lifeguard is the sole authority in the pool.
      2. Walk, don’t run.
      3. Shower before entering the pool.
      4. Be considerate and play safely. No pushing or rough play.
      5. All food and drinks will be kept outside of the fence.
      6. Inflatable flotation devices are prohibited.
      7. All youth must take a safety swim test and wear a neck band.
      8. Swim diapers are required for anyone not toilet trained.
      9. Diving only allowed in the diving well.
      10. Band-aids, guaze, and open wounds are prohibited in the water.
      11. Anyone not dressed to swim must remain outside the fence.

Diving Board Rules


      1. Use ladder to climb on the diving board.
      2. One swimmer at a time on the board. The next swimmer may not climb on the ladder until the previous swimmer has touched the exit ladder in the pool.
      3. Forward facing dives or flips only. No gainers or back dives.
      4. One Bounce.
      5. No goggles allowed on the board.
      6. Walk, do not run down the board.

Swim Test Protocol


    • Green Band Test: Swim 1 length , shallow to deep. Jump into diving well, recover tread water for 30 seconds.
    • Yellow Band Test: Swim 1 length, shallow to deep. Jump into 5’6″ and recover.
    • Red Band: Issued for anyone who does not take or pass the above swim tests.
    1. Green Bands may use any section of the pool, including the diving boards when open. Green bands 8 yrs and under must have an adult in the pool area.
    2. Yellow Bands may use any section of the pool except the diving well. Yellow bands 12 yrs and under must have an adult in the pool area.
    3. Red Bands must stay int the 3’6″-4′ section of the pool. Red bands 12 yrs and under must have an adult within arms reach of them at all times. Red bands must wear a life jacket or float belt if under 8yrs.