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Fitness Center Rules

  1. All workout clothing should be modest; shirts and tennis shoes are required at all times.
  2. Store clothing, gym bags, and cell phones in a locked locker.  The YMCA is not responsible for personal items left unattended.
  3. Fitness center members must be age 13 years or older to use the equipment. Children age from 9-12 may use the cardio equipment but MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  4. As a courtesy to all members, please wipe down equipment pads after use.
  5. Behavior should be mature, responsible, and in line with the YMCA core values.  The fitness center is for exercising only.  Hold meetings or extended social conversations in the lobby.
  6. Please place used towels in bins located throughout the YMCA.

Fitness Room Best Practices

Please be courteous and let other members workout while you are resting.

Please be courteous to those around you and take phone calls outside of the fitness room.

Please be courteous and use headphones when listening to your own music.

Pool Policies

  1. Lifeguard is the sole authority in the pool.
  2. Walk, don’t run.
  3. Shower before entering the pool.
  4. Be considerate and play safely. No pushing or rough play.
  5. All food and drinks will be kept outside of the fence.
  6. Inflatable flotation devices are prohibited.
  7. All youth must take a safety swim test and wear a neck band.
  8. Swim diapers are required for anyone not toilet trained.
  9. Diving only allowed in the diving well.
  10. 10. Band-aids, guaze, and open wounds are prohibited in the water.
  11. 11. Anyone not dressed to swim must remain outside the fence.

Diving Board

  1. Use ladder to climb on the diving board.
  2. One swimmer at a time on the board. The next swimmer may not climb on the ladder until the previous swimmer has touched the exit ladder in the pool.
  3. Forward facing dives or flips only. No gainers or back dives.
  4. One Bounce.
  5. No t-shirts or goggles allowed on the board.
  6. Walk, do not run down the board.

Pool Closing Procedure

  1. In the event of a fecal accident the pool will close up to 2 hours depending upon lifeguards’ judgment.
  2. Bad Weather Policy-pool will close at the first sign of lightning and thunder until 30 minutes after the last sighting – or if the lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool because the rain is too heavy.